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Roof Replacement

If roof damage is too severe, or if roof leaks are too plentiful, it may be time that you hire roofing contractors to come by and get the roof replacement that you need underway. Luckily, the team here at Moses Lake Roofing Company is the team that is going to be able to provide you with the roof replacement services that you need. Whether you have a residential property, or whether you have a commercial property, our team is going to be able to identify the best and most cost-effective ways that we are going to get you the optimal roof replacement that you need.  


Before we get started on tearing apart the old roof and installing a new one, we are going to conduct an inspection. Sometimes, we are able to salvage an old roof, depending on the age and the condition. We are going to be able to conduct a cost-benefit analysis during the inspection, and we are going to be able to show you the prices of the different roof replacement solutions that we do for you. There are a number of variables that come into play with this inspection, including roof material, roof age, building age, and the extent of the current roof issue. All of this is going to result in a logical decision-making map for you.

Replacement Protocols

We have a workflow that the team follows, and this enables us to work faster and better than all of the other roofing contractor in the region. In addition to follow rigorous and timely work efforts, we make sure that we provide insights into the noise levels that are going to be happening when the roof replacement work is going to be done. A roof replacement is going to be happening on a building with people who already use and occupy the space. As such, our team is going to ensure that you are aware that roof work can sometimes be loud, and potential commercial or residential adjustments may need to be made in order to conduct daily activities normally.


When the roof replacement is installed, and when you have a new and reliable roof to count on for many years to come, you are going to be happy to learn that the roof is suited for all sorts of seasonal changes and climatic variations. We know that the roof is exposed to the most weather variation, and as such, it is crucial that the roof can endure all of the different weather extremes that it is going to be exposed too. We have you covered for all of that though!

Rapid Replacement

If you need a roof replacement, but if you need it fast, we are the team that you are going to want to call. Unlike other companies, we have large fleet vehicles on hand that we are able to dispatch. We are able to get to your property sooner because we already have all of the items and materials on hand. We are not going to need to stop on the way for supplies.